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ford motor company Complaint

ford motor company Complaint



To whom ever it may concern, My name is Frances and we are a Ford family well, we were a Ford family. My son owns two Ford trucks, my daughter a Ford Fusion, my youngest daughter a Ford Focus and I a Ford Edge. None of us will ever again buy a Ford and will do our best to let anyone know who is willing to listen how terrible the service at Ford is. Palm Coast ford to be exact. Let me start at the beginning. In May of 2008 my daughter and I went to Palm Coast Ford to buy two vehicles, the salesman was terrific! {That is the end of the good news} We bought the Ford Focus and the Edge. Immediately my daughter noticed the carpet was cut too short and kept coming out under the side panels, notified Ford, they said they would replace it. When she picked it up they said they put clips in. The clips did not hold. They FINALLY got around to replacing the carpet in December of 2010! Wow! As my daughter was going through all of this she noticed the car was not changing gears right between third and fourth she has brought it back 3 times to be repaired, needless to say it is January 2010 and the problem still exists. Now she is afraid to take it in because of they way service treats her. I will explain. My daughter was having upgrades done to her car.ie. Springs, tuner, cold air intake. {More money for ford!} When she ran into yet another problem with the service department. She had the springs installed as soon as she drove it off the lot she hit a reflector in the road the whole back end of the vehicle jumped and steering wheel shook. She called them immediately and they told her she had to get used to it. She kept driving it. She and 2 friends were in the vehicle doing 75 on I95 hit a dip and almost went off the road! She brought it back to the service department, they made her wait an hour and half, told her they put it on the lift and that nothing was wrong. Frustrated she left. She was driving to work that night, hit another bump did run off the road and almost hit a tree! Wow!!! She called her brother to come look at the vehicle; he looked underneath and saw that the right rear stabilizer arm was not even attached! Which we have pictures of. Ford forgot to attach the stabilizer arm! She then called and spoke to the head manager at Ford. She did not want the car ant longer she was scared to drive it. After a long while at ford again they got rid of her by giving her a muffler for the car which I disagreed completely. The guy she was dating at the time owed her money and stole from her, she took him to court and won, but he was mad so he decided he would go to ford and LIE and tells them she did it herself! How ridiculous! We have records of all court cases with him as well. They take her in a room

{the service manager} and grill her. Unbelievable. Now when I write the satisfactory report because it gets sent to my house and I tell the truth. The service manager calls her to ask if she wrote it! Now when the finally replaced her carpet in the car, 3 weeks later she gets a flat, goes to change the tire, NO SPARE! Service forgot to put the spare back in the car! The service department also now decides they will fill out the satisfactory report for her and make a copy of it which we have as well only they made a small mistake {yes another mistake} they wrote the wrong name of the make of her vehicle on it!} We have that as well. Now you can see why she is afraid to go back into Ford and DEAL with them any further and now you can see why we will no longer buy ANY Fords and make sure we tell everyone we meet not to buy a Ford! Can you please tell me how I can help my daughter with all these issues? Because I can’t. What a horrible, nightmarish experience this has been with a brand new vehicle that was supposed to bring so much happiness…. Sincerely,

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Ribhya says: (4 years ago)
Terrible Customer Service and inefficient and rude staff at VGO Ford, Faridabad

I had made a complaint regarding the quarter panel on the right, V Go Ford service station in faridabad, called up and asked me to get my car staring that it would be changed. When I reach the service station I was told that it would be replaced free of cost as there was a defect. When I went back to collect the car, I was asked to pay and when I stated that it was to be replaced and I'd spoken to the manager, the customer relationship manager, Ms Manjeet Kaur got the panel taken out and put back the damaged one. She also said it won't be done for free as it is due to negligent driving,and asked me what proof I had that I was told it would be replaced and when I said I wanted to speak to the manager she told me to wait and refused to give Me the phone number and said the manager had checked it and he said it won't be replaced. She in fact called him up in front of me and told him that the car is scratched by the key and if he wanted to get it done for free. Then she told me the manager had said no, I found the number for the manager and asked him to come and he got the left panel replaced.
There are marks on the right panel and is clearly due to lack of weather coating.

Out of all my grievances , the top most is that the customer service is ridiculous and doesn't know how to deal with or speak to customers and is really offensive.

- When I went to the back of the workshop where my car was kept, the workers were actually scratching on the damaged bit

- for the right quarter panel which also has bubbles I'm told it won't be done and the would if it gets worse. Why should I wait for it to get worse, why isn't your service proactive and want to wait for the problem to worsen rather than fixing it before it gets worse and why should I drive a car with a mark, also how many times Am I supposed to come to the workshop just because the staff doesn't want to work.

- except the manager, who was helpful, the whole staff is inefficient

- I do not expect to be disrespected and be spoken to rudely when I visit the workshop, specially by the customer relationship manager, I Want a formal apology by ms manjeet kaur for all the harassment and trouble. She was not only disrespectful toward me but also my mother and when I asked for getting the gate pass done, she made me wait for an hour for the gate pass.

- I was at the worship from 3 to 7:20.. 3 o clock was the time given to me to collect the car. And throughout I was not even attended to or told how much longer I had to wait and every time I'd ask they would say 5 minutes.

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