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ford motor company Complaint - Ex-Ford Fanatic - F250 4 x 4 Super Duty
ford motor company Complaint

ford motor company Complaint


Ex-Ford Fanatic - F250 4 x 4 Super Duty

To whom it may concern: The day I got my first vehicle I was so incredibly in love. It was 1996 and I was sixteen years old and couldn’t wait for something to call my own. After months of searching used cars, I finally found exactly what I was looking for. It was a 1986 Ford Ranger regular cab long bed and it was cherry red (after market paint job). I was more than thrilled and in the years that followed, I became a very dedicated FORD fan. I would always recommend FORDS to my friends, make fun of them if they didn’t drive one, and argue with pretty much everyone in my family about FORD being better than DODGE (I come from a DODGE lovin’ family). Between my husband and I, we have OWNED ten FORD vehicles personally. My husband also recommended FORD several times as his vehicle of choice for work related company vehicles and his requests were granted each time. We have always been proud to drive a FORD and have been happy with most of our purchases. About two years ago, my husband received another FORD truck for work. Of course, he was more than excited about this particular one; it was an awesome truck. A 2006 Super Duty extended cab. He was elated to be granted this truck for work, but soon after acquiring it, he started having troubles with it. It would overheat and barely get him home from work (he works out of state and does a lot of driving to and from work). He had it serviced at DeLand Coggin Ford in DeLand FL. They would keep it for several days, supposedly do something to fix the problem and then send it back to him; unfixed as he would later find out. There was no expense because it was under warranty, not to mention it was a company vehicle. My husband always kept the vehicle well maintained; the oil and filters changed regularly, and washed and clean inside and out. The company paid for all of these things to be done and he was happy to do them and proud of his nice truck. Also, I might mention that this is a VERY large company and had many FORD trucks in its fleet. The truck never got fixed. It even overheated and shut down on him before he was able to make it a quarter of the way home one time. Eight hundred miles from home, it overheated and wouldn’t budge. He had to call the nearest FORD dealership and have them come and get it and rent a truck (a Nissan … yuck!) from a nearby car rental place to get home. Once again, even at a different FORD shop (all the way in Kentucky) they kept it, did something to it, and gave it back UNFIXED! The truck continued to overheat and continued to be brought back to the shop. My husband suggested to them that it could be the heads and they assured him they would fix the problem. It was diagnosed several times as being a temperature control module that had gone out or something easily repairable. THEN ….. the warranty was up; and the truck over heated again. Do you know what they said was wrong with the truck this time? They said that the heads needed to be replaced. Upon pulling the heads out of the truck, they discovered that the block was cracked and the truck needed a new motor. Now, this is a company truck. It was of NO EXPENSE to us. But, I find it very odd and suspicious that the truck was “repaired” time and time again while under warranty without ever really being fixed. Yet, when the warranty is up, the most serious (not to mention expensive) problem you can have, is then diagnosed on this truck. My husband was irate. He wants to look out for the best interest of his company and felt that this was unfair and not in any way right for them to diagnose something he suggested may be wrong, but was told it was not. In short, we are no longer FORD fans. We are disgusted with the behavior of your mechanics who did not fairly work on this truck. We are disgusted with your so-called “warranty” that was not honored in this situation. We may not be out of any money personally, but we know that the tactics used in this situation could have very easily happened to us, leaving us in a very bad situation. We will NEVER own another FORD. Not only that, but my husband has urged his company who has very happily obliged to NEVER buying another FORD for their fleet, but has instead, switched to CHEVY’s. I am very saddened and disappointed in the values that FORD displays by doing people this way. I no longer will recommend FORD to friends and family. I no longer will fight for the FORD name. This world needs HONESTY and INTEGRITY; MORALS and VALUES. When you don’t have any of that, then you don’t have anything. You are nothing. Sincerely, Angela D. Griffin

PS – the company my husband works for is RCL, which stands for RAILROAD CONTROLS LIMITED. They are the largest railroad signal contracting company in America.

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